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Keep your shopping frozen or your picnic cold with Chill Pod

The Chill Pod range includes bags, bottle holders, rugs and can holders that can be used every day to keep food or drink chilled or even frozen.

Independent tests prove products will stay chilled for up to 8 hours, making it ideal for supermarket shopping trips, picnics, days out and lunch bags. In fact, Chill Pod products are perfect for any occasion in which food and drink needs to be kept cold or hot outside of a fridge/freezer environment.

For example, the Chill Pod bags can been used to keep your groceries chilled in your car for up to eight hours, or meat for a BBQ fresh all day on the beach - the possibilities are endless!

Developed from NASA researched into metallised surfaces, this material's unique make up with heat and cold retaining properties significantly out-performs other thermal products in the marketplace without the need for electricity or ice blocks.

Chill Pod

Picnic Bags

Ideal for summer picnics and BBQs, keep your food fresh all day long

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Chill Pod

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