Lightweight, hi-visibility, thermal clothing

NASA research has found that, by combining conventional trapped air thermal insulation with a multiple mirror finish surface which reflects infrared heat back onto the person contained within, the person would stay warmer using their own body heat for long periods of time. The Enviro-Pod Hi-Vis Workman Jacket uses this unique technology and has been independently proven to consistently outperform other thermal retaining materials on the market.

The hi-visibility reflective material of the jacket ensures that you can be seen in darker and hazardous conditions. As well as jackets, we also have full-body suits, trousers and hi-vis vests available, in a range of sizes.

Key benefits:

  • Reflects 95% of radiated heat back onto the body
  • Maintains core body temperature in the coldest of conditions
  • Lightweight to allow full and easy movement
  • Hardwearing to withstand the elements
  • Hi-Visibility reflective material ensures you can be seen in darker and hazardous conditions

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Workwear, high-viz jackets, warm, flectalon, work clothes

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Enviro Pod

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