Cosy Pod, cut fuel bills, save fuel, cut costs, save money, warm, travel blanket

Cosy Pod

Keep warm and cut your fuel bills with our gorgeous, Cosy Pod blanket

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Also available from Enviro-Pod

Cosy Pod - not just a thermal blanket but a lifesaver

The Cosy Pod blanket is proven to be extremely effective at retaining a warm and comfortable environment.

Cosy Pod doesn’t use electricity, instead it uses NASA technology to block radiant heat loss and reflect heat back into the body. The blankets are ideal for a multitude of uses and particularly for those most susceptible to the cold; the young, the elderly and those in recovery.

Key benefits:Reflects 95% of radiated heat back onto the person wrapped in the blanket. Cosy Pod provides a guaranteed pocket of warmth in cold environment and is proven in very low temperatures, the technology has been used in survival situations and is used by a Mountain Search and Rescue team as well as a North Sea Diving Company. Cosy Pod is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to turning up the central heating.

Suggested uses:

  • Ideal for use in the car and when travelling
  • With wheelchairs and pushchairs
  • Around the home
  • On picnics and at outdoor concerts
  • During recovery - it can also be used as a wrap to relieve mild aches and strains

Cosy Pod

Cosy Pod, cut fuel bills, save fuel, save energy, heat or eat, vulnerable, cold weather

Cut fuel bills, Cosy Pod, save energy, save money, cut household bills


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Cosy Pod

Enviro Pod

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