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The Enviro-Pod Diving Suit

Maintain a warm core whatever the weather, or whatever the sea throws at you

Used by a North Sea Diving Company, the Enviro-Pod diving suit offers superior Flectalon insulation to maintain a warm core temperature in the coldest conditions.

Enviro-Pod workwear is proven to be extremely effective at retaining a warm and comfortable body temperature. It uses NASA technology to block radiant heat loss and reflect heat back into the body. It is ideal for those working in cold conditions such as off-shore workers, construction workers and those working for prolonged periods in deep freezers. The workwear is certain to keep employees warmer for long periods of time, improving productivity and contributing to a happier workforce.

Why choose Enviro-Pod workwear?

Enviro-Pod workwear contains Flectalon, a unique material which out-performs other thermal products in the market place. A testament to the effectiveness of the material is that it has been used in extreme survival conditions and maintains body heat in temperatures as low as -30˚C. Additionally, a North Sea company uses Flectalon in their diving suits to maintain a warm temperature in freezing conditions.

Enviro-Pod workwear is available in the following designs;

  • Vest jacket
  • Long sleeved jacket
  • Trousers
All items are available in a choice of materials, including Hi-Viz safety material. Items can also be bespoke to a customer’s requirements

“I travelled to Montreal where the temperatures were minus 20oC. I was wearing a Flectalon jacket - it was perfect, it kept me warm.”

How does Enviro-pod workwear work?

Enviro-Pod workwear has been developed using an insulation material developed from NASA’s research into metallised surfaces. Flectalon is an extremely efficient insulation material which combines conventional trapped air thermal insulation with multiple mirror finish surfaces which reflects the body heat of the person wearing the workwear back into them. Flectalon is constructed from flat polymer sheet which is then coated with a thin film of aluminium. the polymer sheet is shredded into filaments which are non-absorbent and which do not lose bulk when wet.

The Enviro-Pod diving suit is manufactured in the UK to the highest specifications and offers superior insulation performance.

8 reasons to purchase Enviro-Pod Divign Suit;

  • Retains warmth effectively for long periods of time
  • Uses body heat to retain a warm environment
  • Lightweight but very hard wearing
  • Water resistant
  • Washable and doesn’t lose its shape
  • Can be bespoke to a customers requirements
  • High quality UK manufacturing
  • Lightweight and easy to store
Key benefits:

  • Reflects 95% of radiated heat back onto the body
  • Maintains core body temperature in the coldest of conditions
  • Lightweight to allow full and easy movement
  • Hardwearing to withstand the elements

For prices and size availability, please call 01603 702374 or email us

Flectalon Diving Suits

Flectalon diving suit, north sea, search and rescue, warm suits, protection, ocean

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