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Alongside our commercial solutions, we have a range of products designed to save households money, cutting food and heating bills whilst allowing us all to lead more sustainable lives.

With fuel and food costs rising at unprecedented levels, we are delighted to be able to offer products that will help families and households dramatically lower their outgoings.

Flectalon is also perfect for keeping people and animals warm. Our Cosy Pod blanket, utilises the material to reflect body-heat back on to the individual, keeping them warm, without the need for any external heat source - cutting fuel and heating costs and protecting vulnerable people from the cold.

The material is so efficient it is used by a Mountain Search and Rescue team and a North Sea Diving company in the form of our Diving Suits. Cosy Pod is not just another thermal blanket, it is a life-saver.

We use the same material in our Breast Aid and Nipple Protectors for new mums which helps prevent and cure mastitis, engorgement and breast discomfort when breast-feeding, our workwear range and in our K9 Pod dog and Horse Pod jackets and Eco Horse Paper Bedding.

In the kitchen, Fresh Pod will save the average UK household an additional £680+ every year. Utilising ethylene control technology which has been used in homes and businesses across the United States of America for over 20 years, Fresh Pod removes mould, rot and fungus from food storage environments, as well as drastically slowing the ripening process, preserving your food at its best for up to four times as long.

With Fresh Pod removing ethylene, our next food and drink related marvel is Chill Pod. Chill Pod, utilises the same Flectalon material as Cosy Pod, to maintain an optimum temperature. Perfect for picnics, or storing meat for the BBQ on a hot day, Chill Pod can keep food chilled or frozen for up to 8 hours, without the need for any external fuel.

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