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the little green money saver that utilises 100% natural ethylene control technology that everyone's talking about

Fresh Pod is a revolutionary product that can extend the life of fruit and vegetables by up to four times longer.

Natural, safe and 100% recyclable once you start using Fresh Pod you'll understand why it's the perfect fridge companion.

Government figures show that we throw away on average over £680 of food per year. Two thirds of this waste is estimated to be fruit and vegetables!

Now you can save money, stop unnecessary wastage and contribute to a greener planet with Fresh Pod.

Completely natural and safe, placing Fresh Pod in your fridge will extend the life of fruit and vegetables by up to four times longer than normal without the use of harmful chemicals and without losing any of the freshness, taste and texture.


  • Extends storage life of fruit; vegetables up to 4 times longer than normal
  • Helps to retain important vitamins and nutrients in fresh produce
  • Considerable savings of money and waste
  • Reduces odours from ageing fruit and vegetables
  • Completely safe - non toxic
  • Environmentally friendly contents - and recyclableUses proven technology - in production for over 20 years
  • New to the UK. Consumers in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and the USA have been enjoying the benefits for many years
  • Contributes to a greener environment

At only £12.99 including free P&P for a 12 month supply it will pay for itself over and over again. Fresh Pod features regularly on Ideal TV - and sells out each and every time it's shown!

Fresh Pod



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Fresh Pod

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