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"We have known for awhile that ethylene is a major contributor to the shortening of storage periods with our Savoy Cabbages. We have tried several methods to slow the process with little success to date. Fresh Pod technology has the credentials to sort the problem. We have tested it in one of our store rooms with superb results. We have been able to supply our customers with an English cabbage for an extended period of eight weeks, giving us more control over the supply chain, part of which is to be able to remove the need to rely on a foreign source. Our customer has a great sales message - UK grown, their customers like the localness and we benefit financially and environmentally. There is no doubt the technology works and we have great comfort in the fact it is natural, sensibly priced and as a bonus has a positive effect on our carbon footprint"

Lee Parker, Commercial Director at Lankfer

"We are using Fresh Pod on our fruit and vegetables and are delighted with the results with all our food stuffs lasting longer. For example we have had some plums in the fruit bowl for nearly two weeks!"

Kevin Vail, ADKRIS

"I have had a Fresh Pod in the crisper in my fridge for the last 18 months and I have been amazed. Having the Fresh Pod has saved me £100's of pounds in fruit and veg particularly tomatoes, which I seemed to be buying on a daily basis before I put the pod in with them. Now they last me a week comfortably, if not longer. Every home should have one."

Tracey C - Buckfastleigh, Devon

"I keep a Fresh Pod in my fruit bowl and fridge at home and I instantly noticed the difference. I was going to invest in a banana tree, before a friend recommended Fresh Pod and at half the cost I am glad they did! The pod allows me to keep bananas and other fruits within close proximity of each other rather than spread across the kitchen. Fresh Pod has undoubtedly saved me money and has proven to be a very shrewd investment."

Aisha S - Sheringham, Norfolk

"Our family home is notorious for throwing away food which is just slightly past it's best. My son heard about Fresh Pod during a lecture on environmental responsibility and food waste at college and suggested that we try it. I was a little skeptical of it being a gimmick which wouldn't make any noticeable difference to the amount we were throwing out, but I was wrong. Our family budget has improved significantly and I would highly recommend families in our situation getting one and prolonging the period their food remains at it's best and appealing to a younger, fussier, generation."Colin E - Stalham, Norfolk


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Fresh Pod Testimonials

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