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Fresh Produce, post-harvest food loss, ethylene control, logistics, food transport

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Fresh Produce, post-harvest food loss, ethylene control, logistics, food transport

Reduce food waste during storage and transport, Fresh Pod is the completely natural and safe way

Completely natural and safe, Fresh Pod commercial products will utilise ethylene control technology to extend the life of fruit and vegetables by up to four times longer than normal without the use of harmful chemicals and without losing any of the freshness, taste and texture.

The products remove ethylene gas, a ripening agent which occurs naturally causing fruits, vegetables and flowers to ripen and decay. Certain fruits and vegetables emit high levels of ethylene gas causing the rapid over-ripening and decay of all produce in the close environment. In cases where large amounts of fresh produce is stored, this can cause large amounts of waste and therefore a negative economic impact. In fact, in a recent study it was found that stored at 20°C, 25% to 46% of the postharvest crop was lost.

In industry, Fresh Pods could prove invaluable to food storage, transport and retail companies, all of which currently struggle to limit the amount of waste produced.

Commercially Fresh Pod is already being used to;

  • Protect produce in UK fields during harvest
  • Supply fresh produce on luxury yachts across the Caribbean
  • Extending delivery periods of fruit and vegetables for Schools across Norfolk

Key benefits:

  • Removes 98.9% of ethylene gas from the environment
  • Solutions for the smallest fridges and fruit bowls to the largest warehouses, shipping containers and retail spaces
  • Tested and approved by numerous associations including Which, The Soil Association and OMRI
  • Proven to outperform other ethylene control systems on the market and is kinder to the environment. For more information visit

Suggested uses:

  • Remove ethylene gas from industrial areas including warehouses, storage rooms and transport vehicles- any space in which fresh produce is stored
  • Add Fresh Pods to fruit and vegetable baskets and hampers to maintain freshness and ensure high quality produce on delivery
  • Distribute the sachets amongst displayed fresh produce in shops and markets to ensure the goods remain fresh for longer.

Fresh Pod Commercial

storage, fresh produce, ethylene control uk, fresh pod, save money


Fresh Pod, ethylene control uk, fresh produce, food transport

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