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Horse Pod Jackets

Thermal, waterproof stable rug - reduce heat loss, improve performence and lower feed costs, with Horse Pod

NASA research has found that, by combining conventional trapped air thermal insulation with a multiple mirror finish surface which reflects infrared heat away from a person or animal contained within, the person or animal would stay warmer using their own body heat for long periods of time.


The Horse Pod rug uses this unique technology and has been proven to out perform other thermal retaining materials on the market. The stylish, waterproof stable rug is made of a revolutionary material that has been independently tested by the University of Bristol and proven to be more effective at blocking radiant heat loss, the major cause of body heat loss in animals.

Using a Horse Pod rug will help to keep a horse healthy. A warm horse uses less body energy to maintain body heat and therefore requires less expensive winter feed.

The unique thermal properties of a Horse Pod rug, which reflects back body heat, means that the rugs are invaluable after competition for a stressed or tired horse.

Key benefits:

  • Reflects 95% of radiated heat back onto the horse

  • Minimum heat loss - keeps the horse warmer for longer

  • Stays in place

  • No under blanket needed

  • Available in a range of colours and sizes

  • Lightweight but very hard wearing

  • Machine washable

  • Shower resistant

  • High quality manufacturing in the UK

  • Buckle fastenings

Suggested uses:

  • Keep horses warm in stables during cold weather

  • Use after a competition to keep a horses muscles warm and prevent heat loss

  • Cover sick or injured horses to maintain body temperature and aid recovery

Horse Pod

Enviro Pod, Horse Jacket, Thermal insulation, sustainable, environmetally friendly, technology


Enviro Pod, Horse Jacket, Thermal insulation, sustainable, environmetally friendly, technology

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Horse Pod

Enviro Pod

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